2020 has certainly been a year for change, with the Covid-19 pandemic seeing many limitations put in place for people and businesses across the globe. Face to face events is one thing that we have seen change dramatically. With all large gatherings put on hold this has meant events of any size have seen the same conclusion.

Businesses have had to find an alternative way to hold all types of events and gatherings, because although safety is paramount, business must go on. With this we have seen virtual events take off exponentially to fill the void in the lack of face to face meetings and businesses have taken this in their stride. Just about everything has now gone virtual from staff communication to roundtables, workshops and conferences.


What will happen when we have a choice again?

Virtual events are likely to stay, as they are a powerful way to build engagement with audiences anywhere. Physical events will come back, and we can’t wait to actually see people in real life again. They won’t however replace virtual events, they will exist alongside them. With even the introduction of hybrid events combining physical and virtual together. Advantages of virtual events is that it can be recorded, and you have the ability to watch on demand, meaning individuals who can’t attend a live event can access your event remotely, exposing your brand to a larger audience for a longer period of time.

Another advantage with virtual events is that it gives you access to valuable data. We all know that data driven marketing campaigns have proven to be massively successful, enabling us to better target our campaigns, improve our relationships and close deals. Virtual events neatly present conversation notes and provide lists of leads that can be instantly imported into CRM or marketing systems. These leads can be followed up quickly to grow the relationships they sparked at your event.

We know that no two events are the same and our AP&C Events Team are happy to tailor our services to meet individual needs to ensure your event is unique and reaches its full potential.

We have thought outside the box to offer a diverse range of service and product options to elevate your virtual events, right from the consultancy, to design customisation and even merchandising your event. Being virtual doesn’t have to be boring…

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