AP&C tricks of the virtual trade

AP&C Events Team here with an update on some of the exciting new additions tips and tricks we’ve had underway in the world of virtual events:

It’s essential that all events get off on the right foot! To make sure that happens, we’ve mapped out a few options to get the blood flowing and heart pumping before you get down to business. Perfect for bringing the team together and revving those at-home engines before a day of webinars or presentations.

- When the music starts, one person in each group starts dancing on the camera and the others follow the leader. When the song changes, another member in each group becomes the new dance leader. Easy as pie- just be sure to have a great playlist, some silly team members and you're ready to rock!​ Or roll...or vogue...totally up to you!
- NEVER HAVE I EVER - Yep! The same game you’re thinking of! Participants will stand until ruled out of the game! To spice things up you can even incorporate some star jumps or squats to challenge the mind and the body at the same time.  
- WORK IT OUT! - We all love a bit of Joe Wicks. And can’t forget about good old-fashioned aerobics! If you've got a more physically-inclined audience, don't be afraid to get them moving with some stretches, push ups and high-knees.

​POUR O’CLOCK - in a box!
We’ve all had our fair share of these over the past few months (or at least we hope you have!), so if you want to stand out you have to amp things up. We’re shipping out the necessary accessories for a successful "Pour O'Clock". The boxes come complete with a bottle of champers, bag of yummy crisps and even a BINGO board to get everyone involved.
​Party time! Excellent!

We’ve got the amazing Thomas Dixon joining next week’s Marketing Team event to dazzle and astound- all over Zoom! As the grand finale of a two-day marketing team summit, we wanted to be sure that we can engage the 60 attendees and even have the opportunity for their kids to get involved!
​Oh the power of magic…(and wi-fi!).

​These are just a few of the creative ways we've been adding a bit of oomph to our zooms.
​You can expect more where that came from in the next few weeks.

We've got quite a few tricks up our sleeve to support large scale events and summits so if you like the photo at the top of this post, you'll LOVE our next announcement!









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